Thursday, July 19, 2018

Build-A-Basket- A Gift Shop Like No Other

Build-A-Basket- A Gift Shop Like No Other
Just minutes from the heart of town, a brand-new gift shop has joined Main Street in Abingdon. Build-A-Basket opened in February of 2018 and has been growing ever since. Starting small, Cassie Rowe and her husband took a great idea, and with the help and support of some amazing friends and family, hit the ground running.
You haven’t heard of Build-A-Basket yet? Not a problem. From the hand made soaps and lotions, to the unique home d├ęcor, you are sure to find something for anyone once inside. True to its name, this shop has just about anything you could possibly need to hand pick and build the perfect gift basket. The best part? You are not bound by what is in this cute little shop. Your imagination is the limit, and if Cassie doesn’t have what you are looking for, she can get it. Customization is the key, so once you choose the contents, the basket, and the bow, your gift is uniquely wrapped in tulle for a more personal feel. Cassie will even deliver your gift for you!
If you are looking for something a little more eye catching, check out the many other options to choose from such as diaper cakes, candy bouquets, or you can even have a care package sent to your favorite person who is states away.
“I know how hectic schedules can really put a damper on the whole gift giving situation, said Owner Cassie Rowe.” “Not everyone has the time to go spend hours searching for the perfect gift, wrapping it, and ensuring it gets to where it needs to go. That is really what our whole business is based on, the convenience of being able to call and place an order and stop by to grab it on your way to the event. I mean who doesn’t want to give a big beautiful gift basket and put all the other gifts to shame, right?”
Next time you find yourself in a time crunch, or not, stop by to see Cassie and check out the unique gift options she has on display in her shop or create your own while you are there.  You are sure to impress with a gift from Build-A-Basket!

Located at 789 W Main street Abingdon, across from Pizza Inn at exit 14.
Phone: (276) 492-6987

Abingdon Main Street Board of Directors Meeting Notice for 7-20-18

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Deborah C. Icenhour Resignation

Town of Abingdon, VA

For Immediate Release

Deborah C. Icenhour, Town Attorney, submitted her resignation to the Abingdon Town Council on Tuesday, July 17, 2018. Mrs. Icenhour began her employment with the Town of Abingdon as Assistant Town Attorney.  On January 6, 2009, she was appointed Town Attorney by the Abingdon Town Council. After ten years, the Town Council and administration would like to thank Mrs. Icenhour for her service and wish her the best in her future endeavors.

“On behalf of myself and the entire Town Council, we wish her the best in seeking personal priorities in her life as she moves forward. – Mayor Wayne Craig”

The firm of PennStuart will be representing the Town of Abingdon in the absence of a full-time attorney.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Olde Glade Tractor Show at Fairview July 19-21, 2018

Blood Assurance Hosts Fourth Annual Battle of the Badges Blood Drive


Blood Assurance Hosts Fourth Annual Battle of the Badges Blood Drive

On Friday, July 27th, 2018, members of the Abingdon Police Department, Abingdon Fire Department, Washington County, VA Sheriff’s Office, and Washington County Life Saving Crew are joining forces for the Fourth Annual Battle of the Badges Blood Drive. A trophy will be awarded to the department with the most blood donors.  The drive will be held in the parking lot of the Abingdon Police Department at 425 West Main Street, Abingdon, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

“Every two seconds someone in the United States is in need of blood and sadly, only 10 percent of those eligible donate, said Fire Chief John McCormick.” “Where else in 15 minutes can you save three lives?  Please take the time and tell them the Abingdon Fire Department sent you.  Everyone is a winner with a blood donation.”

Blood Assurance relies on all blood types, but especially those with type O-negative blood, as it is the universal blood type. O-negative blood is given to patients in an emergency situation when their own blood type is unknown.

Blood donors must be at least 17 years old (16 years old with parental consent), weigh at least 110 pounds and be in good health. The process usually takes about 30 minutes and includes a complimentary snack and a special “Battle of the Badges” t-shirt. Donors should eat a healthy meal and drink plenty of fluids -avoiding caffeine- prior to giving blood.   

The blood drive is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to come donate in the name of your favorite public service agency. To help minimize your wait time, we encourage you to sign up at for a time slot.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Tuesday, July 17 from 4 - 6 p.m. at Abingdon High School

BRISTOL – Next week, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will hold a location and design public hearing for improvements to the Interstate 81 exit 19 interchange in the Abingdon area of Washington County.
The public hearing will be held Tuesday, July 17 from 4-6 p.m. at Abingdon High School, located at 705 Thompson Drive in Abingdon.

The purpose of the meeting is to give citizens an opportunity to review the proposed project plans that include improvements to the exit 19 on and off ramps; realign a portion of Empire Drive; add traffic signals at two locations; improve how traffic merges onto southbound I-81; add turn lanes to Route 11 at the northbound off ramp; and widen a curve along the southbound off ramp.

VDOT encourages all interested citizens to attend the information meeting. To give citizens more flexibility in their participation, there will be no formal presentation. Instead, citizens will be able to review plans with VDOT representatives at their convenience anytime between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Also, citizens will have an opportunity to record verbal comments for the official record anytime during the meeting. Written comments will be accepted during the meeting or may be submitted to VDOT by July 27, 2018.  Mail comments to Mr. Jim Jones, Project Manager, 870 Bonham Road, Bristol, Virginia 24201. Or, email comments to, referencing “Interstate 81 Exit 19 improvements” in the email subject line.
For additional information, or if you require special assistance to participate in the meeting, please call the VDOT’s Bristol District office at (276) 669-6151 or device for hearing impaired (TTY) at 711.    


Monday, July 9, 2018

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Abingdon Fire Department

For Immediate Release

Town of Abingdon, VA Firework Information

As you plan your Independence Day celebrations, it is important to understand the laws regulating firework use in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Abingdon Fire Department is providing a list of permitted fireworks and safety tips.
  • Permitted:
    • Sparklers
    • Fountains
    • Pharaoh’s serpents
    • Pinwheels
    • Whirligigs
  • Prohibited:
    • Firecrackers
    • Skyrockets
    • Bottle rockets
    • Roman candles
    • Torpedoes
    • Any fireworks which explode, travel laterally, rise into the air, or fire projectiles into the air.
·         Safety Tips
    • When lighting fireworks - Set family boundaries. Have a designated adult light all fireworks. Use eye protection. Light one at a time, move away quickly, and keep at a safe distance until the display is finished. To prevent injuries, never throw fireworks and never hold fireworks in your hand. Never re-light a “dud” firework.
    • Always read and follow the directions on the label.
    • Only use fireworks outdoors and away from anything flammable.
    • Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers.
    • Use fireworks in parking lots, driveways, and gravel/dirt areas.
    • Do not use under the influence of alcohol
    • Have a rake or shovel as well as a bucket of water, wet towel, and a garden hose nearby.
    • Monitor the area for several hours after using fireworks.
·         Be mindful of neighbors, especially veterans.
o    For military veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), multicolor pyrotechnics, and unexpected blasts can trigger memories of combat and induce anxiety.
o    Please advise neighbors and veterans in your area of firework usage, so they can plan accordingly.  
·         Keep pets safe
o    Loud noises associated with fireworks make dogs nervous. Frightened dogs feel more secure in small, familiar spaces. If pet owners crate their dogs, they should put them in the crate during a fireworks display. If not, pet owners can prepare a small, dimly-lit room, and can leave on the television or radio to drown out the fireworks. Dogs should never be left alone outside during a fireworks display. The noises could prompt them to run away to get away from the noise.
o    Also many dogs think the fast moving twirling, spinning fireworks are something they should go fetch and bring back to their owners, this could harm the pet. Also, pet may be prompted to carry the flaming fireworks off into the dry grass or woods, and start a fire.

The Abingdon Town Code addresses fireworks through the following code sections:
·          Sec. 34-81. - When manufacture, transportation, sale, storage, use of fireworks unlawful.
Except as otherwise provided in this article, it shall be unlawful for any person to transport, manufacture, store, sell, offer for sale, expose for sale, or to buy, use, ignite or explode any firecracker, torpedo, skyrocket, or other substance or thing, of whatever form or construction, that contains any explosive or inflammable compound or substance, and is intended, or commonly known, as fireworks and which explodes, rises into the air or travels laterally, or fires projectiles into the air, other than sparks or those fireworks excepted under the provisions of subsection (a) of section 34-83. (Code 1985, § 7-14)
State Law reference— Similar provisions, Code of Virginia, § 59.1-142.
·         Sec. 34-82. - Permit for exhibition or display.
Any person desiring to conduct or present a display of fireworks may do so if he has obtained a permit for such display from the town manager. It shall be unlawful for the holder of such a permit to fail, neglect or refuse to comply with the terms of such permit in conducting or presenting an exhibition or display of fireworks pursuant thereto. (Code 1985, § 7-15)
·         Sec. 34-83. - Article inapplicable to certain fireworks; use of such fireworks.
This article shall not apply to the use or the sale of sparklers, fountains, Pharaoh's serpents, caps for pistols, or to pinwheels commonly known as whirligigs or spinning jennies.
The fireworks listed in subsection (a) of this section may only be used, ignited or exploded on private property with the consent of the owner of such property. (Code 1985, § 7-16)
State Law reference— Similar provisions, Code of Virginia, § 59.1-147.
·         Sec. 34-84. - Penalty.
Any person who violates any provision of this article shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, be punished by confinement in jail not to exceed 12 months, or by a fine not exceeding $1,000.00, or both such fine and imprisonment. (Code 1985, § 7-17)
State Law reference— Penalty for violation, Code of Virginia, § 59.1-145.
Remember, no matter how breathtaking fireworks are or how easy they appear to use, they are potential fire starters. The safest way to prevent fireworks-related injuries and property damage is to leave fireworks displays to trained professionals.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Love Where You Live- Open For Business

Mayor, Cathy Lowe and Community Development Director, Tonya Triplett began a “Love Where You Live” initiative to support the small business community in Abingdon. This initiative is a great way to help market businesses and to tell them about the free small business support services offered by Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator and the Town Community Development Director.

“The “Love Where You” initiative is our way of saying thank you for investing in Abingdon and what can we do to help keep your business healthy, said Mayor, Cathy Lowe.” “As a 30-year owner of a small business, I understand the pleasure and pain of owning a small business. Something as simple as flying a uniformly designed flag that says OPEN can help attract customers to your business and give everyone a sense of community. We started distributing the flags, poles and hardware last week to the small retailers and restaurants. It is taking longer than we anticipated getting them distributed because with each stop we discuss each business and potential opportunities.”  

“It has been a pleasure working on this project, said Community Development Director, Tonya Triplett.” “Small businesses are extremely important to Abingdon and we want to do everything we can to help them be successful.”

Our hope is that the new Council will continue to support this effort until all businesses who want a flag will receive one.

Holiday Trash Schedule Notice

Visit - Watauga Valley Railroad Historical Society & Museum

On Saturday, about 20 members of the Watauga Valley Railroad Historical Society & Museum, Johnson City, visited the Town.  

They stopped at the Station, and spent considerable time with the Class M.  Here is a group pic.  

There were many compliments regarding how well the Town is taking care of the M and the caboose.

I explained that the caboose is being prepared for repainting, and that sometime in the future, the M might also be repainted.

Some of the visitors took time to look at the O. Winston Link display in the Findlay House.

-Charles Seaver
Washington County, VA Historical Society