Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Public Input Workshop Feedback 1-19-16

Abingdon, Virginia

On Tuesday, January 19th, 2016, the Town of Abingdon held a Public Input Workshop regarding the planning and design of the proposed sports complex near Green Spring Road. The public was encouraged to attend and provide feedback on the options that were proposed by the consulting firm, CHA Companies. We invite everyone to view the options and provide more feedback in the comment section of the blog. If you have questions regarding the sports complex, please call 276-628-3167 and ask to speak with the Director of Planning. 

Comments from Public Input Workshop

·         Two 300' baseball fields that accommodate Junior and Senior League Baseball and Adult Softball. The additional baseball fields allow for youth programs to play on weekdays and leave the weekends to bring in revenue generating tournaments. 
·         A suggestion that all the fields, be soccer fields and improve the Latture area for additional baseball fields. 
·         Include one multi-purpose/soccer field that has artificial turf so that play could be sustained during periods of heavy rains like in the spring and fall.
·         Maintain as much of the natural stream and rolling landscapes in areas not designated for playing surfaces like playgrounds and buffer zones.
·         The designated footpath accesses to the Creeper Trail to allow for extra parking due to limited parking at the trailhead.
·         A suggestion of an amphitheater on the grounds, with a closed in stage, lights for movie nights and concerts (events that you could charge admission for).
·         Another road in/out on both sides of the complex for emergencies.
·         Is it necessary to keep the house on the Meadows property?
·         Design for a splash pad and natural play areas.
·         Allow for more buffers and incorporate more naturalized areas.
·         Devote area to a large soccer complex (Baseball fields where they are and maybe add more at other locations).
·         Incorporate an outdoor basketball court
·         ADA compliant baseball and soccer fields.
·         The baseball fields need to have 300 foot fence. 
·         Concern for the roundabout concept entering the facility 
·         Concerns about the spring and small stream downhill from the spring being covered and placed in pipes instead of open flow
·         Questions about size of parking areas
·         Is the complex large enough and adequate to meet our current and future needs?
·         Keep the parking areas farther away from the Creeper Trail.
·         Provide additional security for the access point from the sports complex facility to the Creeper Trail.  


  1. Indoor tennis courts would be a fantastic addition and would benefit Abingdon High School tennis team as well as area tennis players.

  2. Any thoughts on a public pool with a splash pad and kid area.

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  4. The Option A complex drawing would be preferred, it does keep the hard scape away from the creeper trail, in addition there would not be any pedestrians crossing over the road to access the ball field area making Option A safer for children. I love the outdoor amphitheater, where of course the stage area would be covered for musicians and instruments, I can see the Symphony doing a concert there for people on the lawn. Excellent plan.

  5. Abingdon Midget Football League has been teaching and mentoring Abingdon's children since the 1970s. A great deal of support from the Town of Abingdon, a plethora of parents, and the general public has produced a fantastic program for football in our hometown. In fact, the children of several members of the town council played football at AMFL. I would love to see this project incorporate AMFL's future into its plans. Let's support a program that has proven itself successful, consistent, and trustworthy now, while we have this great opportunity. Thank you Steve Smith. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

  6. I would like to see an pistol and rifle range where we could go and target practice.

  7. Please don't waste space for that stupid soccer, they can play that in a pasture field.

  8. I like options A and B better than the recently proposed options D, E, and F. I think you will need at least 4 dedicated baseball fields if you plan on having tournaments. I could see conflicts with trying to share a combo baseball/soccer field since both seasons coincide. I like the fact that option B separates the four fields, it would cut down on congestion around the fields during tournaments and also reduce the odds of getting hit by a foul ball.