Thursday, February 25, 2016

Public Input Workshop Feedback 2-24-16

Abingdon, Virginia

On Wednesday, February 24th, 2016, the Town of Abingdon held its second Public Input Workshop regarding the planning and design of the proposed sports complex near Green Spring Road. Citizens interacted with consultants from CHA Companies, and town administration, who are involved in the proposed layout of the site. The second round of design concepts were modified based upon feedback received during the January workshop. We invite everyone to view the updated options and provide feedback in the comment section of the blog. If you have questions regarding the sports complex, please call 276-628-3167 and ask to speak with the Director of Planning. 

Feedback from Public Input Workshop on 2-24-16
·         Make sure grass is like Kingsport complex.  Sooner the better.
·         Get on with it!
·         Great plans!  Begin construction as soon as possible, Russell Road complex is an accident waiting to happen.
·         4 people- Option F, replacing the soccer field with a baseball field
·         Option E or F.  Highlands Soccer has approximately 800 kids in spring & fall.  LED lighting would be excellent and would not allow for light to bleed into the surrounding area.
·         Would like to see an outdoor basketball court.
·         F or D, E places parking too close to the trail.
·         Find a different location, one that will be large enough for multiple fields and not below I-81 where children will suffer the negative effects of the noxious chemicals, exhaust, etc.  Save Abingdon’s most historic property- The Meadows- for a much better use.
·         Concerned about lighting and noise. Would like the Meadows complex to remain, the silo, slave quarters could be used as a restaurant. 
·         Option D, outdoor basketball court.  Amphitheater should not be in a sports complex; we have arts everywhere…use this for sports.
·         Option F is the best. Great concerns about the lighting for the fields.
·         Option F.  Make sure the amphitheater will have an enclosed area so you can have concerts, movies.  
·         Seriously, there is only one serviceable outdoor basketball court (park near Frost Funeral Home) and it is used regularly. 
We have teens walking around dribbling basketballs searching for a place to shoot.

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  1. I like options A and B better than the recently proposed options D, E, and F. I think you will need at least 4 dedicated baseball fields if you plan on having tournaments. I could see conflicts with trying to share a combo baseball/soccer field since both seasons coincide. I like the fact that option B separates the four fields, it would cut down on congestion around the fields during tournaments and also reduce the odds of getting hit by a foul ball. Of these new options I like F the best if the lower soccer field was replaced with a fourth baseball field (like option A). If necessary there may be room for a third soccer field to the right of the baseball fields in option F.