Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Commonwealth Transportation Board/VDOT Meeting

Follow up information from the Commonwealth Transportation Board/VDOT Meeting held on Monday, May 14, 2018:

Already funded or under construction
Exit 14 – complete in Fall 2018
Park Street – under design, start construction in Spring 2019
Green Springs Road – complete in October 2018
Abingdon Urban Trail – complete in September 2018
VCT @ Watauga Road - underway

East Main Street sidewalks – FY2023
West Main/Jonesboro Road intersection improvements – Design FY2021, Construction FY2023
Additional Maintenance Funds (Cummings Street, Porterfield Hwy, Jonesboro Road) – Fall 2018
West Main/Porterfield Hwy intersection improvements – Design FY2020, Construction FY2022-23
Exit 17 – FY2021
Exit 19 – FY2023
VCT @ Meade Meadows – FY2019/20

Future Applications
East Main Street Widening from Exit 19 to Hillman Highway – Smart Scale
French Moore Blvd. Extension – Smart Scale
Clark Street Sidewalks - HSIP
Urban Trail, Phase 2 – Transportation Alternative (TA)

For questions or more information, please call Matt Bolick, Director of Public Works, at 276-628-3167.

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