Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Public Notice: Trespassing Issue on Green Spring Road/Meadows Property


There has been an increase in unauthorized visitors to the construction site on Green Spring Road and to the Meadows property: the site of the future retail development and sports park.  While curiosity is natural, this is an active construction site, full of potential hazards.  The site is posted with, “No Trespassing” signs and Green Spring Road has, “Road Closed” signs in two locations.

The police department will be monitoring these sites for violators and will take immediate and appropriate enforcement actions with violators.  

§ 18.2-119. Trespass after having been forbidden to do so; penalties.
If any person without authority of law goes upon or remains upon the lands, buildings or premises of another, or any portion or area thereof, after having been forbidden to do so, either orally or in writing, by the owner, lessee, custodian, or the agent of any such person, or other person lawfully in charge thereof, or after having been forbidden to do so by a sign or signs posted by or at the direction of such persons or the agent of any such person or by the holder of any easement or other right-of-way authorized by the instrument creating such interest to post such signs on such lands, structures, premises or portion or area thereof at a place or places where it or they may be reasonably seen, or if any person, whether he is the owner, tenant or otherwise entitled to the use of such land, building or premises, goes upon, or remains upon such land, building or premises after having been prohibited from doing so by a court of competent jurisdiction by an order issued pursuant to §§ 16.1-25316.1-253.116.1-253.416.1-278.2 through 16.1-278.616.1-278.816.1-278.1416.1-278.1516.1-279.119.2-152.819.2-152.9 or § 19.2-152.10 or an ex parte order issued pursuant to § 20-103, and after having been served with such order, he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. This section shall not be construed to affect in any way the provisions of §§ 18.2-132 through 18.2-136.
Code 1950, § 18.1-173; 1960, c. 358; 1975, cc. 14, 15; 1982, c. 169; 1987, cc. 625, 705; 1991, c. 534; 1998, cc. 569684; 2011, c. 195.

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